The Peachtree Company Claims Process


Claims – How does all this work? Since the majority of catastrophe restoration projects are claims related, the process will require the involvement of your insurance company and often your mortgage company as well. The involvement and extra requirements of these additional parties adds layers of complexity that can seem daunting and even exasperating at times. This may prove to be more difficult and time intensive than a standard remodel project, but with our process and file management tools it can be broken down into efficient steps.

We make it easy!

1. Inspections

“We had a major storm recently and I’m hearing about my neighbors getting their roofs replaced. Does my property have damage too?” This is a typical question that property owners often have which can be answered by having a professional restoration contractor perform a thorough inspection of the entire property. Peachtree Company will conduct a systematic inspection, complete with photo and video documentation, and review the findings with you to determine if repairs are necessary. As always, this inspection and consultation is absolutely FREE.

Key areas to inspect include:

  • Siding
  • Windows (trim and sash)
  • Gutters
  • Roofing materials
  • Roof accessories
  • Overhead doors
  • Decks
  • Exterior fixtures

Any damages that are found during this inspection are professionally documented to meet insurance companies’ standards for review. See our Inspections page for examples of damages that typically qualify for repair or replacement.

2. File a Claim

Let’s Break This Down

If it has been determined that there is legitimate damage that is covered under your insurance policy, the next step is for you to file a claim with your insurance company.

→     FAQ – Should I file a claim?

Calling your agent may seem like the logical first step as they have been your friendly representative with the insurance company, but the more efficient step (though not commonly known to many homeowners) is to contact your insurance company’s claims department or catastrophe hotline directly.  

Since your agent is not an adjuster and will not be handling your claim, it is better to contact the department that is dedicated to claims. This will often forgo unnecessary delays in getting an adjuster out to inspect and evaluate damages. In most cases, going through the claims department directly will put you on the inspection queue sooner.

→     See here for a list of claims department numbers.

The process for filing a claim usually takes less than 10 minutes. The claims department will ask a number of questions which your Peachtree Company representative will be available to help answer with the information collected during the inspection. Once your claim has been created by the claims department, they will provide you with a claim number for future reference and a time frame for an adjuster meeting.

3. Meet the Adjuster

Once your claim has been filed, your claim will be assigned to an adjuster and a time will be scheduled for him to come and inspect the damages. If this hasn’t already taken place, your Peachtree Company representative should be present during the inspection to review the findings with the adjuster, comparing notes on what damages were found and what repairs are necessary.

Our job as construction experts is to show what scope is required to complete full repairs; the adjuster’s job is to show and approve what is covered under your policy.

By meeting with the adjuster during the inspection, many differences on the estimate may be resolved before the adjuster leaves. This step alone could save weeks in progress, eliminating many instances requiring supplements and ensure the correct funds are applied to the needed repairs.

You will significantly save time for everyone and have more differences addressed when you have your representative meet with the adjuster during the initial inspection.  

4. Review the Estimate

In the event that you have already had an adjuster inspect your property and you have received an estimate from your insurance company, you will want to have Peachtree Company make a thorough review and submit a supplement estimate for additional items that should be included in your repair.

We have found that over 80% of the estimates that we review are underestimated, and following our supplementing process insurance companies approve an average increase of 30% above their original estimates.

Your Peachtree Company representative will work with our in-house supplementing staff to prepare a comprehensive supplement packet to be sent to your insurance company for review and approval. As repair experts, our job is to identify and thoroughly document the necessary repair scope according to insurance company review standards.

This process ensures that you receive all funds that are due to you and allows Peachtree Company to make the best possible repairs.

5. You pick materials

Decisions, Decisions…

Now that we have reviewed all the repair items and have initiated any supplement requests, the next step is to make a selection of material type and color for the installation along with any optional upgrades that you would want to take advantage of.  (Incidentally, this is a great time to add a little extra curb appeal!)

Your Peachtree Company representative will sit down with you to select materials and colors and put in writing the details of the work to be completed. You can expect to receive a welcome packet in the mail with additional information on the building process and about addressing any mortgage endorsements you may have.

6. Make the repairs

Great! Now that you have figured out your insurance coverage and have written a contract with the job details and any upgrades, it’s time to get the show on the road!

Your Peachtree Company representative will coordinate with our production manager on the dates for material delivery and installation. They will also work with you taking steps to prepare and protect your property once the job is underway. You can expect a rapid turnaround on the major components of the restoration project such as roofing and gutters once the funds are approved and a contract is signed. Other minor repair items may follow the release of secondary insurance payments, but we maintain a close monitor of those items to finish out the job a quickly as possible. Your representative will always be available to address questions or concerns along the way. At the end you will both do a final walk around to insure quality workmanship and your complete satisfaction.

7. Completion and Warranty

With repairs now completed, Peachtree Company will document the new installation with photos and make a final invoice to the insurance company for the release of any remaining funds.

→     See Insurance Proceeds

When final payment has been received and the contract is complete by all parties, you will receive a copy of your warranty(s).

It is our sincere hope that we are able to provide you with outstanding service and confidence walking through the entire restoration process. We work hard to earn the compliment of your vote of confidence and referral to other customers.