Roof Insurance Claim Assistance in Raleigh, NC

Peachtree Company has been providing top-notch roofing services and helping our customers navigate the insurance claim process for over 14 years.

We are dedicated to completing high-quality roofing projects that protect your property and fit within your budget. By working with all major insurance carriers, we help simplify the process of filing an insurance claim for your roof and getting it approved.

If your roof has been affected by storm damage, look no further than Peachtree for a roofing project performed by a certified team with premium materials and assistance with the roof insurance claim process.

Peachtree Roof Replacement Process
Peachtree Company Roof Insurance Claim Assistance

Insurance for Roof Replacement & Repair Services

We provide free roof inspections for insurance claims and offer the following roof repair and roof replacement services:

Hail Damage Roof Repair: We repair damaged shingles after a hailstorm to keep your roof protecting your home during all weather conditions.
Storm Damage Roof Repair: Rain and wind can loosen or tear off shingles and introduce the risk of leaks. We can repair your shingles to maintain the integrity of your roof.
Emergency Roof Repair: If your roof is damaged by a major storm or other emergencies, we will quickly assess your roof and act to prevent further damage.

Simplifying the Roof Insurance Claim Process


With an industry-leading approval rate, we help make the process of filing an insurance claim for your roof as stress-free as possible.


We know working with your insurance can be frustrating—we’ve assisted our customers with this for over 14 years. Your insurance may deny your claim at first, but we will continue to help you until you’re satisfied with your claim process.


We have proof of doing just what we say—assisting customers with getting their roofing projects covered by insurance. And we can still install the highest quality roofs while helping you work with your insurance to get it covered.

Roof Replacement FAQs

Homeowner’s insurance covers roof damage caused by extreme weather events, including damaging winds, hailstorms, snowstorms, tornadoes, and fallen trees or limbs from storms.

This depends on your insurance company. When you notice storm damage to your roof, you should contact your insurance company right away. They may send an adjuster out to conduct an inspection and determine if you have a claim. At this time, you will file your insurance claim.

On the other hand, your insurance company may tell you to contact a roofing company to conduct an inspection before they send an adjuster out. In this case, you have to wait until the adjuster has determined that you have a claim to file your insurance claim.

Either way, Peachtree can provide a free inspection and assist you with the insurance claim process.

We work with all major insurance carriers so we can assist our customers with the roof insurance claim process.

Why Choose Peachtree as Your Roof Replacement Contractor?

When your roof is affected by storms and other emergencies, we do more than address the damage. We work with all major insurance companies, and we will help you throughout the process of filing a claim and getting it approved.

We have installed countless quality roofs and helped countless homeowners with their roof insurance claim process. Hear from our happy customers:

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